Friday, August 22, 2008

Books on my bookshelf

This summer I read Stephenie Meyer's The Host and Breaking Dawn. Even if you aren't a fan of hers, you should read her adult novel The Host. The book is about a human being who has a spirit surgically implanted in her body, a la alien invasion. The human host, Melanie, is supposed to disappear and the spirit named Wanderer is supposed to be in charge. Things go awry when Melanie tries to interject her feelings and thoughts to the point that Wanderer struggles to maintain control. Humans have to hide to keep from being implanted and spirits are taking over the earth. Melanie reconnects with her brother and boyfriend, still human, and live in caves somewhere in the Arizona desert where Wanderer/Melanie learn to coexist. Very creative book full of twists and turns- quite a departure from the bloodsucking vampires of Twilight fame.

Breaking Dawn is not to be missed if you are a Twilight fan. Jacob continues to be a part of Bella's life, even after she and Edward are married. Tension rises as the Volturi visit the Cullens in person, leaving Italy behind to wreak havoc in Forks, Washington. A very satisfying ending for some, and too "pat" for many fans. I loved it and look forward to many more books as Meyer left herself plenty of room for sequels of the many "loveable" characters.

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